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Popronde 2003
1-1 A Balladeer Swim With Sam
1-2 Moodswings Nailpolish
1-3 Lambert Sunny Sattelite
1-4 Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation Snake Tie
1-5 The Proov Nebula (Don't Let It Fool Ya)
1-6 Sad-O-Sky Lovesong 2015
1-7 Woost This Mess
1-8 Arthur* Happy Hangover
1-9 Blz 15 Spreeuw
1-10 Kemphanen Als De Zon Niet Meer Schijnt
1-11 Flowriders Different Spaces
1-12 Cyozlab Decompressor Lever
1-13 Eleven So Beautifull
1-14 Templo Diez Sedan
1-15 Audiosleeper Everything Acceptable
1-16 Zingari Pinot Noir
1-17 Sandusky Everybody Is Looking
1-18 Niningkata Plains To Cartch
1-19 DoubleShot When Will You See
1-20 The Gecko Brothers Give That Bitch A Beer
Popronde 2004
2-1 Jaffa In Stereo Dirty Rock
2-2 Blues Brother Castro Welcome To My Rock 'N Roll
2-3 The Yearlings Here Nowadays
2-4 Vladimir Unison
2-5 Planet Orange Park The Car
2-6 Persil Traces Of Knots
2-7 Apzolut Long Hair Looks Better
2-8 Frans Haarmeijer & Frank Antonie Tekens
2-9 Herman Pouderoyen De Lust
2-10 Out Of Many Jah In Control
2-11 Marike Jager Focus
2-12 Bingo Trappers Colorblind
2-13 Dicemen Boogieman
2-14 Selfish Ratrace
2-15 MrLuca One Ahead
2-16 Skip The Rush Elephant Song
2-17 Soda P Second Statement
2-18 Blimey! Winter
2-19 Grechko's Doll Disko
2-20 Anderson Radio One
2-21 The Q Club Prague
2-22 Illicit Hold Your Peace
2-23 Amigos Electricos Niks
Popronde 2005
3-1 Cafebar 401 Something Worth Dying For
3-2 Drive Cooler Fairy King
3-3 State Of Eye Stereo
3-4 Das Aldi Combo The Dirt On The Ground
3-5 La Kidda Kind Of
3-6 Qrio Spit distance
3-7 Fury 161 Playing Tricks
3-8 Skum Wij Woorden
3-9 Moos Too Cold (Remix)
3-10 Harold K Mengsmering
3-11 Benjamin Winter What To Do
3-12 Zeus Bad Signs
3-13 Jack Stafford Foundation* Toyboy
3-14 Ollie Q. & The Deep Six Sweet Chopica
3-15 Erik Vandenberge Back In The Country
3-16 Low Point Drains Hell Slow
3-17 Männer Ohne Nerven Mirror Image
3-18 The Funktransplant* U Keep Me Waiting
3-19 Abstract Dialect Abstract Dialect
3-20 The Suicidal Birds Brandnew
3-21 Harry Merry St. Benedictus School
Popronde 2006
4-1 Findel Paperpin And Peppermints
4-2 El Pino and the Volunteers Heads Or Tails
4-3 Slow Poke Rodrigo Lock On
4-4 Coalition Of Wicked Peanut Butter
4-5 Silence Is Sexy This Is Our Start
4-6 E.T. Explore Me Organ Fuzz
4-7 Lucky Fonz III Romance
4-8 Hospital Bombers Bad Neighbourhood
4-9 About Think Niles Drink
4-10 Sobchek Oculus
4-11 Hasselhoff Silly Jeans
4-12 Garcia Good = Evil
4-13 Pourquoi Me Reveiller All I Want
4-14 Flugroove Backface
4-15 Awkward I Postpone Postponement
4-16 Grootmeester Jan Was Ik Maar Een Rapper
4-17 Propeller Fig Leaf Conspiracy
4-18 Rik van den Bosch 40 Ounce And A Bothered Mind
4-19 Moss It Can't Be Wrong
4-20 Glenister Be Someone
4-21 Dennis Kolen Morningville
4-22 Nou En Gothic Meisje (Live In Hedon)
Popronde 2007
5-1 The Madd You Treated Me Bad
5-2 Ponoka September
5-3 Ana Criado Echo Of Us
5-4 Kissmekillme Not Bad
5-5 La Baby - Ghetto Flow Cuando Suena Mi Voz
5-6 The Bent Moustache Somme
5-7 Crappy Dog Lament
5-8 Caspian Hat Dance Rumainian Hora And Bulgar
5-9 Woody & Paul Ain't Nobody Gonna Steal My Honey
5-10 The Horse Company Running For The Door
5-11 Flux Aan De Inwoners
5-12 Autonon Mental Distortion
5-13 Lilian Hak Stitch My Name
5-14 Sabrina Starke Old Soul
5-15 The Upsessions Why You Done Me Wrong
5-16 Check 1-2 I Won't Cry
5-17 Pien Feith Like A Banner
5-18 Roy Santiago Hit Me Where It Hurts Me
5-19 Kensington Man I Mission I Mayhem
5-20 Capacocha Follow Me
5-21 Mono Here's Looking At You
5-22 Leine Unconditional
5-23 Winterjong 's Nachts
5-24 Believeisadoubt On Bare Feet
Popronde 2008
6-1 I Kissed Charles Over Before It Had Started Yet
6-2 Blaudzun Loveliesbleeding
6-3 Stairs To Nowhere Catwalks (On The Moon)
6-4 Duffhuës* Delhi Belly Blues
6-5 Reflexy Geen Gezeik
6-6 Orient Express Tzuika
6-7 John Dear Mowing Club The First Time I Heard Townes Singing
6-8 Jack Beauregard I Admit
6-9 Virgin Fang Why Would U
6-10 De Staat Wait For Evolution
6-11 Go Back To The Zoo Beam Me Up
6-12 TheDarko Big Maybe
6-13 Clemm A Lilly And A Frown
6-14 Bart Oostindie 1,2,3
6-15 Ottoboy The Onemen Trashband* Eat,Shit,Drink,Die
6-16 The Cuties Piece Of Cake
6-17 Okieson Red Duck Dude
6-18 Skiggy Rapz Headphones On
6-19 Charly & Gallus Spam
6-20 The Stutters The Oh Lisa Song
6-21 Appie Kim List Of Broken Hearts
6-22 Morning Fading Vs. Waiting
6-23 Long Conversations And The Closet Orchestra At The Train Station
Popronde 2009
7-1 Avant La Lettre Anecdotes
7-2 Lola Kite Everything's Better
7-3 Left Better Off
7-4 Florian Wolff Being With You
7-5 This Is Total War L.O.V.E.
7-6 The Mad Trist Hair Of The Dog
7-7 Mia Silvas I'm A Lot Like Me
7-8 Fremdkunst Maître Des Disques
7-9 Jorg Peanutbutter
7-10 Skinto Voorzee
7-11 Most Unpleasant Men Princess
7-12 Supercity Cleaning Machine
7-13 We Swim You Jump Sparks Fade Out
7-14 Deepfreakx Another Time
7-15 The Better Offs Make It Work Today
7-16 Renske Taminiau Something Coming
7-17 The Benelux Bublian Rapsody
7-18 Robin Block Opus
7-19 The New Shining Temptation
7-20 Winnie Lost In Love
7-21 Chinup Christopher Vs. Justin
Popronde 2010
8-1 Moonpilot Caroline
8-2 Audiofeel Nugget
8-3 Bombay Show Pig Curve Ball
8-4 Grizzly Adams Waiting For...
8-5 I Am Oak On Trees And Birds And Fire
8-6 Krach And So I Do A Little Dance
8-7 Marlon Penn Revolt (Think Again)
8-8 Eins, Zwei Orchestra* Spiral
8-9 Boef en de Gelogeerde Aap Vind Ons
8-10 Handsome Poets Dance (The War Is Over)
8-11 The Cosmic Carnival Stop It
8-12 Secret Umbrella Naturally Blind
8-13 Heist Keep Me Where The Light Is (Radio Edit)
8-14 Secret Handshake Club Arnold Litter
8-15 Corijn The Grace Of Haze
8-16 Yori Swart Secretly Sleeping
8-17 Spotrockers Voordat Je Gaat
8-18 So What Dirty Song
8-19 The La La Lies Lies (Demo)
8-20 Zorita Señor Presidente
8-21 Lotte van Dijck Tot Je Neervalt
Popronde 2011
9-1 Stefany June Summer
9-2 Sir Yes Sir Ideas For Waste Of Time
9-3 De Kraaien Extertje
9-4 Capeman Mass Destructo
9-5 Goodwin Sands Mammalian Skin
9-6 Wooden Saints California Cacophony
9-7 Gerhardt I Want To Be You (Tequila Version)
9-8 IamAisha* 5 Stappen Voor
9-9 Skip & Die La Cumbia Dictadura
9-10 Flux Chocola
9-11 Milkbar Accident
9-12 (Never Mind The) Stars There Was A Time (Edit)
9-13 Mensenkinderen Kinderen, We Drinken Op Het Vaderland
9-14 Rät N Frikk Nobody Knows
9-15 The Fudge Little Sweet Princess
9-16 Port Of Call Holy Ghost
9-17 Roy Santiago Stella
9-18 Finn Silver Kidnapped By Butterflies
9-19 Tim Calis & Reinders* 1 In Een Miljoen
9-20 Kill 'em Mister Female Killer Robot
9-21 Space Siren This Radar
9-22 All Missing Pieces Infinity
9-23 My Corduroy Life Better Days
Popronde 2012
10-1 Chris Kok, Civil Union Loose Ends
10-2 S As In Assassins Rocketrider
10-3 Cirque Valentin All The Bois
10-4 Super909* Nachtwacht
10-5 The Jacks Go!
10-6 The Sugarettes Destroyers Of The World
10-7 Aafke Romeijn Stella XX
10-8 Wooden Constructions Full Brother
10-9 Makkie Kampioen
10-10 Zanillya Harder
10-11 The Spinshots Shake Off The Past
10-12 The Pignose Willy's Green Bottle
10-13 Kid Totem Switserland
10-14 Palio Superspeed Donkey Mr Dickhead
10-15 Angela Moyra Timid
10-16 The Cool Quest It's The Cool Quest
10-17 Wannabeastar PartyParty
10-18 Fellow Come In
10-19 Sam A La Bamalot Brighter Plan
10-20 Mister And Mississippi Running
10-21 Richie Dagger I Want You
10-22 John Coffey Featherless Redheads
10-23 THE RED17 I Am Alive
10-24 OneManWolfPack Love Love Love
10-25 Über-Ich Uniform Child
10-26 Nouveau Vélo The Beginning Of It All
10-27 Birdt Place For One Day


All Popronde CDs from 2003 until 2012 collected in a boxset.
Various - Popronde album mp3
Performer: Various
Genre: Electronic / Hip hop / Jazz / Rock / Reggae / Latin / Funk / Blues / Pop / Folk, Country
Title: Popronde
Released: 2012
Style: Alternative Rock, Soul-Jazz, Indie Rock, Soft Rock, Future Jazz, Hip Hop, Rockabilly, Electro, Downtempo, Stoner Rock, Ska, Dubstep
MP3 version ZIP size: 1848 mb
FLAC version RAR size: 1204 mb
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 762